New California Laws 2020

California’s New Laws Annual Series

Sacramento, CAโ€“ Part 4 in New California laws for 2020 includes wiretapping, whistleblower protection, gun violence, DUI, oil & gas prohibition, estates and trusts and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

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California Laws 2020 โ€“ Part 4

  • AB-299– Vote by mail ballot tracking.
  • AB-303– Mental health: sexually violent predators: trial: continuances.
  • AB-304– Wiretapping: authorization.
  • AB-305– Public capital facilities: public water or wastewater agencies: rate reduction bonds.
  • AB-308– Taxation: corporations: minimum franchise tax: limited liability companies: annual tax.
  • AB-309– Vehicles that appear to be used by law enforcement: ownership or operation by public historical society or museum.
  • AB-317– Department of Motor Vehicles: appointments: unlawful sale.
  • AB-320– Pest control: mosquito abatement.
  • AB-321– Sales and use taxes: exemptions: trucks for use in interstate or out-of-state commerce.
  • AB-327– Estates and trusts: at-death transfers.
  • AB-328– Estates and trusts: undue influence.
  • AB-330– Appointed legal counsel in civil cases.
  • AB-332– Peace officers: training.
  • AB-333– Whistleblower protection: county patientsโ€™ rights advocates.
  • AB-334– California Republican Party: county central committees.
  • AB-335– Imperial County Transportation Commission.
  • AB-338– Manufactured housing: smoke alarms: emergency preparedness.
  • AB-339– Gun violence restraining orders: law enforcement procedures.
  • AB-342– Public lands: leasing: oil and gas: prohibition.
  • AB-355– Public Employment Relations Board: Orange County Transportation Authority.
  • AB-356– Los Angeles Community College District: best value procurement: pilot program.
  • AB-361– Military Department: support programs.
  • AB-368– Southern California Veterans Cemetery.
  • AB-377– Microenterprise home kitchen operations.
  • AB-378– Childcare: family childcare providers: bargaining representative.
  • AB-379– Youth athletics: concussion and sudden cardiac arrest prevention protocols.
  • AB-381– Postsecondary education: sexual assault and sexual violence prevention training: intimate partner and dating violence.
  • AB-391– Leased and rented vehicles: embezzlement and theft.
  • AB-392– Peace officers: deadly force.
  • AB-397– Vehicles: driving under the influence.

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New California Laws

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