New California Laws 2020

California’s New Laws Annual Series

Sacramento, CA โ€“ Part 3 in New California laws for 2020 includes mattress recovery,implicit bias,student smartphone use, fur trapping, remote court reporting, employment of infants and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

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California Laws 2020 โ€“ Part 3

  • AB-185– California Transportation Commission: transportation and transportation-related policies: joint meetings.
  • AB-187 – Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act.
  • AB-188 – Fire insurance: valuation of loss.
  • AB-189 – Child abuse or neglect: mandated reporters: autism service personnel.
  • AB-201 – Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign disclosure: text messages.
  • AB-203 – Occupational safety and health: Valley Fever.
  • AB-204 – Hospitals: community benefits plan reporting.
  • AB-205 – Alcoholic beverages: beer.
  • AB-206 – Public nuisance: abatement: lead-based paint.
  • AB-209 – Parks: outdoor environmental education: grant program.
  • AB-212 – Counties: recording fees.
  • AB-218 – Damages: childhood sexual assault: statute of limitations.
  • AB-220 – Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign funds: childcare costs.
  • AB-230 – Disabled veteran business enterprises.
  • AB-239 – Community colleges: registered nursing programs.
  • AB-241 – Implicit bias: continuing education: requirements.
  • AB-242 – Courts: attorneys: implicit bias: training.
  • AB-252 – Department of Transportation: environmental review process: federal program.
  • AB-253 – Remote court reporting.
  • AB-255 – Coastal resources: oil spills: grants.
  • AB-256 – Wildlife: California Winter Rice Habitat Incentive Program.
  • AB-262 – Local health officers: communicable diseases.
  • AB-263 – Taxation: tax expenditures: information.
  • AB-267 – Employment of infants: entertainment industry.
  • AB-272 – Pupils: use of smartphones.
  • AB-273 – Fur-bearing and nongame mammals: recreational and commercial fur trapping: prohibition.
  • AB-278 – California Conservation Corps: community conservation corps: applicant selection: parolees.
  • AB-285 – California Transportation Plan.
  • AB-290 – Health care service plans and health insurance: third-party payments.
  • AB-293 – Greenhouse gases: offset protocols.

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New California Laws

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