New California Laws 2020

California 2020 New Laws

Sacramento, CAโ€“ Part 18 in New California laws for 2020 includes gender discrimination, family physicians, search warrants, firearms, affordable housing and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

California Laws 2020 โ€“ Part 18

AB-1595Elementary and secondary education: omnibus bill.
AB-1596Hazardous substances: contaminated property: fentanyl cleanup.
AB-1597Hazardous waste: transportation: electronic manifests.
AB-1600Discovery: personnel records: peace officers and custodial officers.
AB-1603California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program.
AB-1607Gender discrimination: notification.
AB-1614Vehicles: license plate pilot program.
AB-1618Plea bargaining: benefits of later enactments.
AB-1622Family physicians.
AB-1628Environmental justice.
AB-1633Regional transportation plans: traffic signal optimization plans.
AB-1637Unclaimed Property Law.
AB-1638Search warrants:vehicle recording devices.
AB-1642Medi-Cal: managed care plans.
AB-1644Coastal resources: California Coastal Commission: scientific advice and recommendations: agriculture.
AB-1645Student support services: Dreamer Resource Liaisons.
AB-1651Licensed educational psychologists: supervision of associates and trainees.
AB-1662Native Americans: repatriation.
AB-1666The California Complete Count: local educational agencies.
AB-1668California Conservation Corps: Education and Employment Reentry Program.
AB-1669Firearms: gun shows and events.
AB-1671Department of Transportation: motor vehicle technology testing.
AB-1680Coastal lands: public access program: Hollister Ranch.
AB-1695Health facilities.
AB-1699Telecommunications: mobile internet service providers: first response agencies: emergencies.
AB-1705Medi-Cal: emergency medical transportation services.
AB-1707Polling places:handheld devices.
AB-1723Pharmacy:clinics: purchasing drugs at wholesale.
AB-1729Pupils: attendance at community college.
AB-1730Regional transportation plans: San Diego Association of Governments: housing.
AB-1735Evidence: privileges: human trafficking caseworker-victim privilege.
AB-1743Local government: properties eligible to claim or receiving a welfare exemption.
AB-1745Shelter crisis: emergency bridge housing community: City of San Jose.
AB-1747California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System: immigration.
AB-1748California Family Rights Act: flight crews.
AB-1752South Coast Water District.
AB-1754Office of Emergency Services: California Olympic and Paralympic Public Safety Command.
AB-1763Planning and zoning: density bonuses: affordable housing.

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New California Laws

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