New California Laws 2019

California New Laws Series

Sacramento, CA โ€“ Part 5 in our series of New California laws for 2019 includes surfing, cannabis convictions, public health, Medi-Cal, higher education, public health, property insurance and more.

For complete details regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

California Laws 2019 – Part 5

  • AB-1768 County of San Bernardino: housing authority: middle-income housing projects.
  • AB-1770 Local government: investments.
  • AB-1771 Planning and zoning: regional housing needs assessment.
  • AB-1772 Fire insurance: indemnity.
  • AB-1773 Claims against the state.
  • AB-1775 State lands: leasing: oil and gas.
  • AB-1776 Emergency medical transport of police dogs: pilot project.
  • AB-1782 Surfing.
  • AB-1785 Medi-Cal eligibility: assets.
  • AB-1786 Community colleges: academic credit for prior military experience.
  • AB-1787 Reporting: Valley Fever.
  • AB-1788 Public health: Valley Fever.
  • AB-1790 Valley Fever Education, Early Diagnosis, and Treatment Act.
  • AB-1791 Physicians and surgeons: continuing education.
  • AB-1793 Cannabis convictions: resentencing.
  • AB-1794 Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency: Southern California Water Company.
  • AB-1796 Rental property: electric vehicle charging stations.
  • AB-1797 Residential property insurance.
  • AB-1798 Schoolbuses: passenger restraint systems.
  • AB-1799 Insurance: policy documents.
  • AB-1800 Fire insurance: indemnity.
  • AB-1804 California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: residential or mixed-use housing projects.
  • AB-1805 Community colleges: Student Equity and Achievement Program.
  • AB-1808 Education finance: education omnibus trailer bill.
  • AB-1809 Higher education trailer bill.
  • AB-1810 Health.
  • AB-1811 Human services omnibus.
  • AB-1812 Public safety omnibus.
  • AB-1817 State government.
  • AB-1824 State government.
  • AB-1825 Education finance: constitutional minimum funding obligation: local control funding formula.
  • AB-1826 State Capitol Building Annex: state office building.
  • AB-1827 No Place Like Home Act of 2018.

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New California Laws

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