New California Laws 2019

California New Laws Series

Sacramento, CA โ€“ Part 16 in the series of New California laws for 2019 includes immigrant juveniles, sexually violent predators, parent-child relationships, minor driving privileges and more.

For complete details regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

California legislative website may be down for maintenance.

California Laws 2019 – Part 16

  • AB-2642 – Guardianship: special immigrant juveniles.
  • AB-2644 – Dolores Huerta Day.
  • AB-2646 – The San Diego Unified Port District: grant: trust lands.
  • AB-2654 – Design-build: Orange County.
  • AB-2657 – Pupil discipline: restraint and seclusion.
  • AB-2658 – Secretary of the Government Operations Agency: working group: blockchain technology.
  • AB-2661 – Mental health: sexually violent predators.
  • AB-2663 – Property taxation: change in ownership: exclusion: local registered domestic partners.
  • AB-2664 – Court reporters: official reporter pro tempore.
  • AB-2665 – Absentee ballots: processing.
  • AB-2667 – State Capitol Building Annex: historic symbols.
  • AB-2669 – Peace officers: communications.
  • AB-2674 – Health care service plans: disciplinary actions.
  • AB-2676 – Weighmasters: junk dealers and recyclers: licenses: additional application information and fee.
  • AB-2679 – Health facilities: linen laundry.
  • AB-2684 – Parent and child relationship.
  • AB-2685 – Driving privilege: minors.
  • AB-2687 – Office of Small Business.
  • AB-2694 – Domestic violence: ex parte orders.
  • AB-2696 – Public Employeesโ€™ Retirement System: limited term appointments.
  • AB-2697 – Nesting Bird Habitat Incentive Program: idled agricultural lands.
  • AB-2698 – California state preschool programs: general child care and development programs: mental health consultation services: adjustment factors.
  • AB-2705 – Contractors: violations.
  • AB-2707 – Voter information Internet Web site.
  • AB-2710 – Warrants.
  • AB-2717 – Driving under the influence: blood tests.
  • AB-2719 – Aging.
  • AB-2721 – Cannabis: testing laboratories.
  • AB-2722 – Student financial aid: California Military Department GI Bill Award Program.
  • AB-2735 – English learners: participation in standard instructional program.

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New California Laws

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