New California Laws 2019

California New Laws Series

Sacramento, CA โ€“ Part 15 in the series of New California laws for 2019 includes special education, criminal records, suicide prevention, county jails:veterans, regional parks & open space,corporate directors and more.

For complete details regarding individuals laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

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California Laws 2019 – Part 15

  • AB-2526 – Temporary emergency gun violence restraining orders.
  • AB-2551 – Forestry and fire prevention: joint prescribed burning operations: watersheds.
  • AB-2554 – Public postsecondary education: exemption from mandatory systemwide tuition and fees: surviving child or spouse of a federal firefighter.
  • AB-2557 – Corporations: directors.
  • AB-2561 – Vital records: local registrar: copy of records.
  • AB-2562 – Department of Housing and Community Development loans.
  • AB-2564 – Civil penalties: glider vehicles.
  • AB-2568 – County jails: veterans.
  • AB-2576 – Emergencies: health care.
  • AB-2580 – Special education: due process hearings: extension of hearings: good cause.
  • AB-2587 – Disability compensation: paid family leave.
  • AB-2589 – Controlled substances: human chorionic gonadotropin.
  • AB-2592 – Secretary of State: census outreach and education.
  • AB-2594 – Fire insurance.
  • AB-2595 – Wards: confinement.
  • AB-2598 – Cities and counties: ordinances: violations.
  • AB-2599 – Criminal records.
  • AB-2600 – Regional park and open space districts.
  • AB-2601 – Pupil instruction: sexual health education: charter schools.
  • AB-2605 – Rest breaks: petroleum facilities: safety-sensitive positions.
  • AB-2608 – Licensed Mental Health Service Provider Education Program: former foster youth.
  • AB-2610 – Employees: meal periods.
  • AB-2615 – State highway system: parks and recreation: accessibility for bicycles and pedestrians.
  • AB-2620 – Rental passenger vehicle transactions.
  • AB-2622 – After School Education and Safety Program.
  • AB-2626 – Child care services.
  • AB-2629 – Department of Transportation: airspace under state highways: leases.
  • AB-2632 – Packaging and labeling: containers: slack fill.
  • AB-2634 – Life insurance.
  • AB-2639 – Pupil suicide prevention policies: reviews: updates.
  • AB-2640 – Fully protected species: Lost River sucker and shortnose sucker limited take authorization: California condor limited take authorization.

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New California Laws

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