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Awareness Key to Preventable Deaths

In 2017, there were 10,847 people killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, an average of one fatality every forty-eight minutes. (NHTSA 2018)

In 2014, a group of DUI incarcerated murderers came together to discuss the underlying issues that led to their substance abuse and driving under the influence (DUI). The meetings progressed to the
point of creating Responsibly Driven, a program developed by inmates to affect long-term change for those arrested or who are at risk of driving under the influence.

IMPACT: Insights, Effects and the Reality of Impaired Driving is the first book of the Responsibly Driven series.

The crime of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) negatively impacts tens of thousands of people each year. Despite numerous DUI prevention campaigns, every day countless individuals continue to get into their cars and drive intoxicated. Why is it that people from all walks of life fail to appreciate the inherent dangers of impaired driving or the devastation it leaves behind?

Impaired driving is a one-hundred percent preventable crime. The intent of this book is to bridge DUI offenders with everyone in hopes of establishing a greater awareness and a dialogue for effective DUI prevention.

Testimonials in IMPACT explain the effects of impaired driving. Family members, first responders, ride-share drivers and more, generously share their experience of enduring the effects of impaired driving. DUI offenders expose the depths of their denial and distorted thinking while offering candid insight into their rehabilitation and attempt to make amends.

Let’s turn the existing negative consequences of impaired driving into a positive impact.

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