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Digital Divides at Home and Around the World

Roseville, Calif.- Ever wonder how the United States which is home to Silicon Valley stacks up overall against the world in terms of internet speed? Or how about comparing competitiveness of states around the country? What does the digital divide look like purely in real numbers.

Surprisingly, the United States doesn’t even crack the top 20 when it comes to mobile Internet speeds with median speeds less than half of the UAE. Mobile access is the present and the future. For fixed broadband, the U.S. fares a bit better, yet still falls behind several countries including China. That’s according to SpeedTest Global Index, which ranks mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world.



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Worldwide Internet Speed Rank

Mobile – Global Median Speeds

  1. United Arab Emirates 134.41
  2. Norway 118.44
  3. Qatar 109.86
  4. South Korea 109.14
  5. Netherlands 107.24
  6. Saudi Arabia 93.00
  7. Bulgaria 87.82
  8. Denmark 87.11
  9. China 85.83
  10. Kuwait 81.33

…21. United States 62.47

Fixed Broadband

  1. Monaco 192.68
  2. Singapore 192.01
  3. Chile 189.36
  4. Thailand 184.03
  5. Hong Kong (SAR) 165.49
  6. Denmark 163.60
  7. Macau (SAR) 156.73
  8. China 155.79
  9. United States 143.76

Inside the United States

The digital divide grows even more when you take a deeper dive just within the United States. For many residents and businesses, these can be make-or-break considerations for those seeking to relocate and remain competitive.

States with Best Internet Speeds

  1. Rhode Island 129.0 Mbps
  2. New Jersey 120.4 Mbps
  3. Delaware 119.1 Mbps
  4. Maryland 118.2 Mbps
  5. Washington, DC 117.7 Mbps
  6. Virginia 116.7 Mbps
  7. Massachusetts 116.4 Mbps
  8. Texas 110.7 Mbps
  9. California 110.0 Mbps
  10. New York 108.8 Mbps

States with the Slowest Internet Speed

  1. Montana 54.4 Mbps
  2. West Virginia 55.2 Mbps
  3. Idaho 55.4 Mbps
  4. Maine 56.3 Mbps
  5. Wyoming 60.0 Mbps
  6. Alaska 61.5 Mbps
  7. Arkansas 64.9 Mbps
  8. South Dakota 70.8 Mbps
  9. Iowa 71.7 Mbps
  10. New Mexico 72.2 Mbps

Test Your Internet Speed

How does your high-speed Internet connection rank to the rest of the world?  Online tools can provide a rough estimate of your connection speed.

Try one or try them all!


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