Keeping optimism and hope at the forefront

Roseville, CA- A year of gratitude culminates in the season of gratitude. The unexpected nature and circumstances of 2020 still provide bountiful opportunities of thanksgiving that may have seemed unimaginable several months ago.

Gratitude doesn’t erase or ignore struggles. Gratitude helps keep optimism and hope at the forefront of life.

Just a few reasons we’re thankful for 2020.

Top 8 Reasons we’re Thankful in 2020

1- Family

Grateful for more conversation, more time to teach, more time to learn and more time to understand everyone’s challenges. Life is short and more time to love one another is a gift.

2- Friendships

Even in a season of sometimes strong disagreements, we safely gathered with friends and focused on celebrating the things we share in common. Laughter remains the best medicine.

3- Clean Air

Fire season notwithstanding, the opportunity to breathe cleaner air. The appreciation of even more spectacular California sunsets, crystal clear city skylines and the magnificence of rushing outside many nights to gaze star-filled skies.

4- Less Traffic

A lot less traffic, need we say more?

5- California Outdoors

Like so many Californians, we upped our outdoor adventures with both familiar favorites and new destinations. From mountains, deserts, forests, oceans to the cities, our appreciation of California only grows.

6- Lifting Others

A year of ups and downs for all of us provided opportunities for extra encouragement. The burdens of life are always a bit lighter with an extra smile and a few kind words.

7- Professionals, Volunteers & Workers

The countless people in the healthcare industry experiencing the pandemic in ways many of us struggle to imagine. First-responders who risk their lives daily for the safety of others. Scientists who dedicate their lives to finding solutions and solving some of life’s biggest challenges. Teachers, every other profession, and small businesses that are continually adapting to shifting and extremely difficult circumstances, we celebrate you.

8- Parents & Caregivers

All the parents and caregivers who experienced a seismic shift in routines and daily responsibilities. From helping kids navigate these tumultuous times to caring for our elderly and most vulnerable, it is a herculean task. Thank you.

Undeniably, 2020 has had more than its share of obstacles, suffering, division and tragedies. In spite of all of it, we’ll continue to celebrate while giving thanks to this gift called life and the people in it.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving of peace and gratitude.