County-Wide Resource for Seniors and Caregivers

(Placer County, CA) – With most of us living an almost unparalleled quality of life in our area, it’s easy to forget that thousands of local seniors are struggling to live without basic resources. Many are living alone, or with adult children or caregivers, and are unaware of the no-cost important services available to them in Placer County. In response, a coalition of service providers has organized a county-wide campaign to raise awareness and increase usage of these services and resources.

“Thousands of seniors are hungry, homebound and in need of proper healthcare”

Jamee Horning, member AAA4’s Governing Board

Agency on Aging/Area 4 (AAA4) in Sacramento, one of 33 agencies on aging in California, is spearheading the effort to further its mission of assisting every older adult in the region to live longer, safely and well in the environment of their choice. Through coordinated grants and funding, AAA4 is working in concert with other senior service organizations, including Seniors First, Placer County’s primary senior information and assistance provider, to spread the word to seniors, their families and caregivers that nearby resources and support are available.

August 2019 launch

The campaign, titled, will launch the first week of August 2019 and will serve as Placer County’s main source of information and referrals for senior nutrition services, transportation, housing, mental health services, social connections, as well as legal and other services. Through a coordinated campaign, County residents who could benefit from this information will be reached through scheduled ‘town hall’ meetings to be held at senior centers, libraries and daycare facilities, displays at health fairs and other senior-focused events, colorful flyers and mailers, and advertising.

Jamee Horning, a member of AAA4’s Governing Board representing Placer County, has been instrumental in aligning the campaign’s partners and personally understands the impact the campaign will have on the lives of seniors. “As the former executive director of Seniors First, I know first-hand the need in Placer County. Thousands of seniors are hungry, homebound and in need of proper healthcare. This campaign will go a long way in bringing resources directly to them,” she commented.

Placer County Supervisor Jim Holmes has lent his support of the campaign saying, “I believe it is critical that this important information be disseminated county-wide to not only inform older adults, but their caregivers, adult children and other family members as well. The public information campaign is designed to reach these key target audiences.”

For more information on the campaign or to request campaign materials, contact Seniors First at (800) 878-9222.
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