Santa Claus Christmas

Tracking Santa begins December 24

Roseville, CA- With scheduled visits to Roseville and Rocklin, Santa will return to the North Pole for final preparations before heading out on Christmas Eve 2021.

Santa’s sleigh is receiving it’s final tuneup and software updates with a forecast of heavy snow predicted for Christmas Eve takeoff.

Mrs Claus

Our staff gained exclusive access during a recent visit to the North Pole. While no cameras were allowed, we witnessed the most advanced logistical and organizational operation on planet earth. We saw elves as far as they eye could see! The hot cocoa was out of this world delicious and the cookies Mrs Claus bakes are the best ever!

While Santa handles the delivery of Christmas gifts, it is Mrs Claus who handles a vast scope of Christmas responsibilities throughout the year. Santa is extremely busy and at times forgetful, so we only had a brief moment to chat.

“Although I get all the publicity, Mrs. Claus is responsible for making sure this entire operation runs without a glitch. Christmas wouldn’t happen without her!”

Santa Claus

Norad Tracker

NORAD will once again be tracking Santa this year as he travels by sleigh around the world on what is his busiest night of the year. The elves have been working around the clock while singing Christmas songs and drinking lots of hot chocolate.  Mrs. Claus is putting the final touches on preparations while offering reminders and extra guidance to Santa before he hitches the sleigh and reindeer.

Santa Arrival In Roseville & Rocklin

Santa has already mapped out his local stops in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln as well as most of Northern California. Possible rain and clouds are forecast, so the timing of his arrival is not yet known. Children are advised to listen to their parents and get to bed at an appropriate time since Santa’s arrival time is unknown

NORAD’s Santa Tracker is available online at:

Merry Christmas!