Wind-filled and wet storm approaching

Roseville, CA- A cold front has pushed into Northern California and is bringing with it a precipitation-filled and welcome winter storm. Roseville area residents are making last minutes preparations for a wet week ahead. Locally, temperatures are expected to hover in the 40’s and 50’s.

The National Weather Service has issued warnings for high gusting winds from the southeast of up to 60 mph. Widespread power outages are expected in the Sacramento Valley, Northern San Joaquin Valley and surrounding foothills. A reminder to stay clear of downed power lines

The Sierra Nevada is expected to receive up to 7 feet to snow, and roadways will be impassable at times during the week due to dangerous and whiteout conditions. Colder temps may drop the snow level to the foothills while increasing the chances of icy road conditions.

Much needed precipitation

A storm of this magnitude will be a welcome deluge in what to date, is a very dry rainy season. California’s water supply relies in large part to winter storms and snowpack. Placer County officials have released the following storm prep info and updates.

Car in the Rain

Placer County prepares for upcoming storm

AUBURN, Calif. – Preparing for this week’s forecast storm, Placer County is increasing snow removal services and reinforcing winter parking restrictions, while encouraging residents to remain vigilant.

Eastern Placer County will move to 24-hour snow removal services on county roadways outside of incorporated cities starting today. Caltrans is responsible for snow removal on state highways. Weather conditions, road maintenance needs and timing of the storm factor into when the county begins snow removal operations. The county increases service during storms and throughout the cleanup stages following the storms. In an “average” storm, the county will attempt to plow each street once during a 12-hour shift.

To ensure safe and effective snow removal services, parking is prohibited on roadway shoulders between Nov. 1 and May 1 in eastern Placer County. Illegally parked vehicles may be ticketed, fined or towed.

Eastern Placer

With the potential for snow buildup on buildings and systems, Placer County officials are advising eastern Placer residents and businesses to monitor buildings, propane tanks and natural gas lines for signs of excessive loading due to heavy snow. This includes roof vents, chimneys and flues for blockage due to snow buildup. Blockages can lead to carbon monoxide buildup in buildings, creating a potentially unsafe interior environment. The heavy snow may also cause chimneys to shift, creating potential falling or fire hazards.

Western Placer

Western Placer County is also on a flood watch and residents should use caution when driving as many areas that are normally dry can be subject to flooding during and after rainstorms. Residents can monitor the county website for road closures and flood information and call 530-745-7565 to communicate information not shown. Placer County provides maintenance and management of county roadways outside incorporated cities. Cities are responsible for roads management within city limits.

Placer County’s Ready Placer campaign launched a winter weather webpage last month to help residents prepare for winter hazards. The webpage includes winter weather alert information, preparedness tips, snow, flooding, sand and sandbag information and travel information. The webpage can be found at