Roseville water planning

Evaluating water supply & demand for long term planning

Roseville, CA- Roseville is updating its Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) and Water Shortage Contingency Plan (WSCP), which are essential long-term planning documents.

These are updated at least every five years in accordance with the Urban Water Management Planning Act and chart the course towards ensuring a reliable water future for our community.

What is the WSCP?

The WSCP is the City of Roseville Water Utility’s (City’s) operational plan in the event of a water shortage. Watershortage would occur when available water supplies are insufficient to meet normal customer water demands.
Various causes can bring about a water shortage including population growth, climate change, drought, natural
disasters, and catastrophic events.


The UWMP evaluates water supply demands in relation to expected water demands over a 30-year horizon. It also identifies planned water projects that help with reliability and resiliency, including additional water supplies, recycled water and water use efficiency.

In addition to the UWMP, the WSCP helps to ensure we have available supplies and plans in the event of shortages due to climate change, population or other uncertainties.

The draft 2020 documents are available below:

City Council is set to discuss this in a public hearing on June 16 at 6 pm.

Voluntary Roseville Water Reduction

Given the Governor’s Executive Order declaring a statewide drought this week, Roseville encourages customers to reduce their water use voluntarily by 10 percent. This action will allow us to preserve storage in Folsom Lake, minimize water supply impacts as we approach the fall and winter months, and safeguard obligations Roseville and other water providers have made to protect the environment and the Lower American River.