Chilton Girl's Volleyball Team in Roseville

Chilton Girl’s Volleyball Team scores 24 Straight Perfect Sets and a 12-0 Season

Roseville, Calif.- The Chilton Middle School girl’s volleyball team made school history, finishing their undefeated season with 12 wins and 24 straight perfect sets. For those not familiar with volleyball, one might miss the most remarkable thing about the season!

A quick tutorial: Each match consists of being the first team to win two out of the three sets. If a team wins both sets, they don’t play the third set. All season, this team never lost one set to any team, and never had to play a third set all season.

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This means they won 24 straight sets, making this feat very rare and historic for the school.

“This team’s story is truly one-of-a-kind. Their flawless record and the fact that they never had to play a third set all season highlights their exceptional skills and teamwork.”

Marc Welty, Coach & Teacher

He goes on to say these student-athletes are remarkably talented and are involved with Leadership and other extracurricular activities.

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