Roseville Water Efficiency

Minimizing the future effects of drought

Roseville, CA- The past is proven. Being water efficient in California is important even in times of heavy rain and abundant snowpack. When water is plentiful, ongoing water efficiency minimizes the future effects of drought and water shortages by helping create a more sustainable supply. It also creates that muscle memory so that when dry conditions persist next time, you’re already in water-efficiency mode.

There are many ways to easily maintain regular water savings and our water efficiency staff at Roseville Environmental Utilities is dedicated to helping all water customers be a part of the solution.

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We offer residents and businesses programs and resources to help water customers improve their water efficiency. By visiting the City of Roseville website, residents and businesses have access to information about watering tips, how to schedule a waterwise house calls, and get rebate information.

Waterwise House Call

The Waterwise House Call program provides residents the opportunity to have our H20 expert analyze customers’ water use and provide water savings tips and complimentary water-saving devices. When we conduct a Waterwise House Call, we thoroughly review how water is used inside and outside of your home and we :

  • Check toilets and other plumbing fixtures for leaks
  • Help develop proper and efficient water irrigation schedules
  • Provide free water-saving devices, brochures and any current rebate information to help reduce water use
  • Assess irrigation sprinkler uniformity and water runoff characteristics
  • Analyze irrigation and drainage systems and provide maintenance, repair or replacement recommendations
  • Check meter reading and water pressure (if relevant)
  • Pressure check your entire water system for leaks

Roseville Rebate Program

Most of these tips are easy for homeowners to implement themselves. But for others, the City offers a rebate program that helps all residents be a sustainable water supply superhero for less money! Rebates include cash back for:

  • Installing a weather-based smart irrigation controller (the rebate can cover most of the cost on some controllers)
  • Removing grass with the Cash for Grass program – up to $1,000 is available per household
  • Upgrading an irrigation system with new high efficiency equipment

Visit the City of Roseville Water Efficiency page for more information on how you can save water and money all while helping to secure water resources in the future.

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