Zero Emission

Aiming to reduce emissions beyond California regulations

Roseville is leading the charge and making greener choices to improve our city fleet of nearly 900 vehicles. From buses, to sedans, to garbage trucks, youโ€™ll notice cleaner and more electric City of Roseville vehicles around town. 

Over the next several years as vehicles are replaced, the city is transitioning to: zero-emission all-electric light-duty cars and Roseville Transit buses, hybrid police patrol units, and Environmental Utilities refuse trucks fueled by Compressed Natural Gas generated by our own waste-to-energy plant.

These proactive choices reduce fuel and maintenance costs, lighten Rosevilleโ€™s footprint, and help serve you better. They also give our city a head start in meeting Californiaโ€™s zero and near-zero emission goals.

While this transformation won’t happen overnight, we’re taking steps to improve air quality today – like using renewable diesel fuel- which is cleaner and has fewer emissions.  

Many of these improvements are possible thanks to pursuing competitive grant funding. Recently the City of Roseville was granted approximately $140,000 from the Placer County Air Pollution Control District to contribute toward a battery electric bus charging station. This funding comes from the California Air Resources Board to address local projects that take early action to achieve emission reductions beyond state regulations. Starting in 2029, all new buses in California must be zero-emission. 


The future is electric. For resources and incentives to charge ahead with an electric vehicle for your home or business, visit

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