Residents signing up for high speed Internet

Seniors upgrade connectivity to Kwikbit Internet

Roseville, Calif.- On Saturday, November 18th, Kwikbit Internet launched its services at Diamond K Estates, a 55+ mobile home park in Roseville. At the event, more than 45 residents signed up for Kwikbit’s flat-rate Internet, dramatically upgrading these seniors’ online connectivity to super-fast 1 gigabit speeds. Residents are already raving about Kwikbit’s low cost and powerful service that have made connecting with loved ones this holiday season a smoother experience.

In mobile home communities, lack of reliable and affordable internet complicates the holidays, during a time where joy should be abundant. Many will be reuniting with loved ones, but not all family gatherings will be in-person this year. Whether folks cannot afford to travel or need to remain at home for health reasons, seniors are especially leaning on virtual ways to connect with family.

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⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

Diamond K Estates

The residents of Diamond K Estates are no different, and they are excited that just in time for the holidays, the opportunity to use Kwikbit’s industry-defying broadband service arrived for end-of-year celebrations. Kwikbit’s goal is to bridge the digital divide for families in mobile home and residential vehicles (RVs) because these communities are typically broadband underserved due to a lack of infrastructure funding and neglect by leading providers. Luckily, Kwikbit Internet’s wireless technology can amplify local fiber signals to bring speedy internet to these tight-knit communities.

Roseville seniors learning about high speed Internet services

“We’re in an era where our ability to build social bonds and be productive relies on access to high-speed internet. Working remotely, telemedicine appointments – these are modern functions of the Internet that are more complicated for the millions of Americans without a stable online connection,” said Kwikbit CEO Joe Costello in a recent interview.

Beyond Roseville

The company’s impact goes beyond Roseville, too. The seniors of Diamond K are entering a new era of online access alongside Meadowbrook Village, Florin Mobile Estates, Rincon Valley Mobile Estates, and over 20 other parks in California.

Demand for mobile homes has become one of the fastest growing segments within the housing industry as home ownership becomes increasingly unaffordable with rising interest rates. Prospective mobile home residents are typically elderly or first-time buyers looking for cost-effective housing.

Kwikbit is thrilled at the opportunity to offer some relief to mobile home residents here in Roseville and beyond. Reversing the digital divide takes tenacity, but Kwikbit stands with thousands of families behind them, ready to uproot the Internet status quo.

About Kwikbit

Kwikbit Internet is a wireless technology company based in Minneapolis, MN. Kwikbit’s specialized 60 GHz millimeter wave radios driven by their cloud and edge automation tools enable the rapid deployment of multi-gigabit wireless networks when and where they’re needed. To learn more about Kwikbit Internet, please visit

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