Taylor Rappleye with her husband and sons

Taylor Rappleye makes her publishing debut

Roseville, Calif. – Taylor Rappleye, publishes her first book. “The Very Very Boy” is a motivational children’s book that helps kids manage their emotions.

The Very Very Boy is about a boy named Brody who has very big emotions for events that happen throughout the day. His emotions don’t always reflect appropriate behavior, so his mom helps Brody by sharing a special trick he can do when he feels his emotions getting a bit too big.

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“I was inspired to create this book to help children understand their emotions and work through managing them. I also see this book as a simple tool to help their parents help them too.”

Mrs. Rappleye is the mother of three and can be contacted through her publisher at www.pyrateheartpress.com, or via email at [email protected].

ePub version

The 7-page children’s book clocks in at just over 300 words and is available online at pyrateheartpress.com/store/The-Very-Very-Boy-ePub-p611062779.

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