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California Water Conservation Measures

Roseville, CA- On May 31, Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills into law (AB 1668 and SB 606), mandating water districts and municipalities enact water conservation measures statewide starting in 2022.ย (City of Roseville, 2018)

The goal is to ready the state for the next drought and anticipated changes in the environment. More specifically, the new laws create a framework that water providers must follow, such as:

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  • Establishing an indoor water use standard, which is a per person water use goal of 55 gallons per day until 2025, 52.5 gallons from 2025 to 2030 and 50 gallons beginning in 2030
  • Creating an outdoor water use target using data from satellite imagery and local, regional climates
  • Crafting incentives for water suppliers to recycle water
  • Requiring both urban and agricultural water suppliers set annual water targets and developing more enhanced planning for future droughts

It’s important to note that the data from outdoor and indoor state standards will be used to calculate local water agency targets – not individual customers. In other words, the state’s indoor and outdoor standards are used as a means to calculate the City of Roseville’s mandatory conservation target, not as a tool for the state to enforce on each customer. However, in order to achieve the state-mandated requirements, it will involve every customer’s participation in using water as efficiently as possible.

What does the new law mean for Roseville water customers?

Environmental Utilities will work on a re-calibrated water efficiency plan with these news laws in mind. Building on past successes and current program and rebate offerings, we are poised to develop a plan to ensure Roseville can meet the state’s requirements by the required date. The plan will look at rebate offerings for both residential and commercial customers, educational programs like Water Wise House Calls and other ways to increase water use efficiency.

Fines for not meeting the goals could be brought upon starting in 2024, but those fines would be the responsibility of the local water provider, not the individual water user.

As we redevelop our water efficiency program with these new laws in mind, Environmental Utilities staff will communicate any programmatic changes in the future.
Roseville is a leader in water-use efficiency

Using water efficiently has and will continue to be a priority for Roseville. Even prior to this new law change, Roseville water customers rose to the occasion prior, during and post drought because of long-lasting investments in programs and services to make water efficiency a way of life.

In a Sacramento Bee article from 2015, Roseville ranked in the top 12 percent of California communities for lowest amount of per capita water use. And eclipsed water reduction targets in the midst of drought conditions between

Because of our comprehensive water efficiency program and customers’ response to using water as efficiently as possible, we are well prepared develop a revised plan that helps California achieve and meet the state’s water conservation requirements.

City of Roseville (2018, June 14). New statewide conservation laws and what it means for Roseville [Press release]. Retrieved fromย http://cityofroseville.hosted.civiclive.com/news/what_s_happening_in_roseville/new_statewide_conservation_laws

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