Jess Borjon

Optimism and Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Roseville, CA- Talk of the pandemic and implications of COVID-19 has dominated nearly all of our thoughts and conversations since March 2020. Although that is still the case today, I have noticed a marked difference in the tone of some of these thoughts and conversations, and I hope you’ve noticed too. With the dissemination of COVID-19 vaccinations, I’m hearing hope in the voices and discussions of so many staff, students and families. We see a light at the end of the longest tunnel any of us have ever traveled. While we aren’t sure how far away that light is, I’m thrilled that we can see that glimmer of hope.

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Here are some thoughts that are stoking my fire of hope these days:

โ— As we begin thinking of the 2021-2022 school year, our students have begun looking forward to registration. Your school will contact you with all the registration materials and essential links.
โ— Schools now have large groups of students on campus for the first time in nearly a year. Although we’re still facing some real challenges along the way to “normal,” we are pleased with the energy and cooperation on campus.
โ— The eternal optimist in me is looking forward to a more traditional graduation ceremony for the class of 2021. While we are still unsure about how to safely gather our families for these events, we know more about the virus than we did last year and hope that graduation will be a much more familiar occasion.
โ— I am hopeful that I can visit our campuses this spring to see multiple sporting events with our talented students – track, softball, baseball, swimming. I am also counting the days until we can attend live performances with our jazz bands, musical theater and dance programs.
โ— I hope the recent return to on-campus learning has allowed our freshman classes to feel welcome and comfortable on our campuses, beginning to see the potential for themselves over the next three years. Sophomores will soon enter upperclassman status, begin researching colleges and ramping up their academics in preparation for college selection and admissions. Juniors have begun looking forward to making their mark in their senior year. The future is bright!
โ— High schools in Roseville have always served as a hub for the community, so to see our youth gathering together again as safely as possible has been uplifting. What’s most special about spring 2021 is how appreciative students, staff and our community are to be together again in one physical location.

We still have challenges to face throughout the COVID-19 crisis, but being together again has given me more hope than I’ve dared to experience before. I am thankful to all of you, each and every one of you, for your faith in us and your spirit of togetherness.

Jess Borjon
RJUHSD Superintendent

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