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Reducing Risk @ Home

Roseville, CA- Home security and home safety is everyone’s responsibility. There are things you and other members of your household can do to help reduce risk inside and around the home.

Some of these measures can help protect your home from potentially avoidable emergency situations or security situations. The Roseville Police Department has received many tips and leads from local residents being vigilant and reporting suspicious persons, vehicles, and possible criminal activities occurring around the community.

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Here are some helpful home safety hints:

  • Know your neighbors and their vehicles – be mindful of suspicious looking vehicles.
  • Unload and lock up firearms.
  • Create a plan for when you are away – close and lock all windows and doors, leave a light timer on, get a house sitter, have a neighbor check on your house and pick up any delivered newspapers or packages, and put your mail on vacation hold.
  • Secure your property with a sturdy fence; repair any loose, splintered, or broken fence pieces.
  • Protect your outdoor valuables – lock up lawn mowers, bikes, and other items in storage sheds, garages, or outdoor buildings.
  • Have a name and contact list in case of emergencies: 9-1-1, police and fire department, work numbers, and family members, close friends, and trusted neighbors.
  • Invest in a home security monitoring system, security cameras, or alarm system.

Criminals often commit crimes of opportunity.


If they think they won’t be seen or get caught, they are more inclined to give it a try.

Taking simple steps to secure things in and around your home can help provide added security measures for your family members, pets, and house.

Teaching family members routine habits such as leaving a porch light on, locking the door behind them after entering, and checking windows and doors are closed and locked at night can help deter a criminal from trying to break in to your home.

If you need to report suspicious activity, don’t hesitate to call the Police non-emergency number 916-774-5000.

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