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Industry experts missed with predictions

Roseville, CA- As recently as April, industry pundits were predicting a quick return to $4 per gallon gas average in California. They were wrong. In Roseville and around the state, gas prices have been steadily falling for the past few months with some locations reporting prices under $3. Roseville’s lowest currently reported

prices are at Costco for $3.37, while over in Rocklin, the Bel-Air on Sunset is filling up cars for just $3.39 for regular unleadeded.

In Sacramento gas prices have fallen 3.0 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.59/g today, according to GasBuddy’s daily survey of 720 stations. Gas prices

in Sacramento are 8.2 cents per gallon lower than a month ago, yet stand 8.5 cents per gallon higher than a year ago.

According to GasBuddy price reports, the cheapest station in Sacramento is priced at $3.15/g today while the most expensive is $4.45/g, a difference of $1.30/g. The

lowest price in the state today is $2.95/g while the highest is $5.49/g, a difference of $2.54/g. The cheapest price in the entire country today stands at $2.06/g while the most expensive is $5.49/g, a difference of $3.43/g.

The national average price of gasoline has fallen 3.5 cents per gallon in the last week, averaging $2.76/g today. The national average is up 10.9 cents per gallon from a month ago, yet stands 6.7 cents per gallon lower than a year ago.

Historical gasoline prices in Sacramento and the national average going back a decade:
July 22, 2018: $3.50/g (U.S. Average: $2.82/g)
July 22, 2017: $2.78/g (U.S. Average: $2.28/g)
July 22, 2016: $2.64/g (U.S. Average: $2.17/g)
July 22, 2015: $3.40/g (U.S. Average: $2.75/g)
July 22, 2014: $3.93/g (U.S. Average: $3.56/g)
July 22, 2013: $3.90/g (U.S. Average: $3.67/g)
July 22, 2012: $3.65/g (U.S. Average: $3.46/g)
July 22, 2011: $3.76/g (U.S. Average: $3.69/g)
July 22, 2010: $3.14/g (U.S. Average: $2.69/g)
July 22, 2009: $2.76/g (U.S. Average: $2.44/g)

Other region’s current gas prices:
Stockton- $3.48/g, down 2.5 cents per gallon from last week’s $3.51/g.
Modesto- $3.51/g, down 3.9 cents per gallon from last week’s $3.55/g.
Oakland- $3.74/g, down 3.8 cents per gallon from last week’s $3.78/g.

“Average U.S. gas prices drifted lower this week as oil’s downturn has picked up steam thanks to a smaller than expected decline in U.S. oil inventories and concerns

remain over the strength of the U.S. economy,” said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. “Oil largely ignored Iran’s attempt to make waves in the Strait of Hormuz last Friday but we may see some impacts in the week ahead, though over the weekend some behind the scenes signs emerged that some parties were trying to de-escalate the rising tensions. Motorists will likely face a mixed bag at the pump in the week ahead. Gas prices are likely to drift lower for the first part of the week, with the exception of Great Lakes states, but may perk up closer to the weekend or early next week should oil prices exhibit strength that pushes them close to $60 per barrel.”