Styrofoam Recycling

“Constantly contaminated” with everything but Styrofoam

Roseville, Calif.- For the past 14 years, Roseville’s successful Styrofoam recycling bins were available at selected drop-off sites throughout the city. Earlier this year, the City of Roseville was forced to remove the bins as residents constantly contaminated them with everything, but Styrofoam.

The program kicked off back in November 2007 in an effort to “capture the high volume of Styrofoam generated during the holiday season as stores stock their shelves and gifts are unwrapped.”

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The Styrofoam was collected by the city, condensed and transported to companies who paid for the collected Styrofoam to be recycled and made into items such as baseboards, crown molding, lightweight concrete and packaging. 

What to Do with Your Styrofoam?

City officials we spoke with confirmed that Styrofoam is now allowed in garbage receptacles where it will be sorted at the Material Recovery Facility in Lincoln, CA. Residents may also self-haul to the Landfill at 3195 Athens Avenue where they would be charged to dispose of it there.

Cities bear the cost

According to the city, hundreds of thousands of tons gets landfilled in California at an estimated cost in the tens of millions of dollars.  Due to its light weight, Styrofoam is a large source of litter both on land and in waterways.  Cities bear the cost of cleaning up this material with clean-up costs for litter estimated at more than one dollar per pound. Collecting Styrofoam and directing it towards recycling helps save money and is good for the environment.

About Environmental Utilities

Environmental Utilities is Roseville’s provider of water, wastewater and refuse utility service. Environmental Utilities also provides environmentally friendly programs for Roseville’s residents and businesses that help promote recycling, water conservation, stormwater management and proper disposal of household hazardous waste. These programs help our customers become good environmental stewards and continue to foster an amazing lifestyle and place to do business in a manner that is sustainable.

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