Roseville rate hike

“Temporary” surcharge to become permanent under proposal

Roseville, Calif.- Roseville Electric Utility long known for providing the most affordable and reliable electricity in the region is proposing a pair of rate hikes that would see prices jump 18% within a timespan of just 7 months. The first proposed 9% hike would hit consumers on June 1 of this year with an additional 9% increase on New Year’s Day 2025.

The City of Roseville cites “skyrocketing fuel prices, increased operating costs including materials and labor, renewable energy compliance regulations, and a loss of revenue from the state.” A “temporary surcharge” approved in 2022 would become a permanent base rate increase next year.

Double digit hikes

Roseville Electric has faced major revenue shortfalls in previous years and double digit hikes are not unprecedented. Roseville is among a small, elite group of full service cities. Roseville residents and business owners often cite the lower cost and reliability of electricity as a factor in choosing to live and do business in the community.

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