Covid-19 Timeline

Difficult 12 month period ends with bright outlook

Roseville, CA – On March 2, 2020, a local area resident became the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in Placer County. Two days later, a Roseville patient would become California’s first known Covid-19 fatality.

Those late days of winter would herald the beginning of the deadly pandemic finally reaching our community. The nation was consumed under clouds of turmoil, hypocrisy and misinformation from all quarters. Those inflection points were painful harbingers for what turned into one hell of a difficult and deadly year. On top of it all, there was that whole crazy toilet paper shortage thing.





Here’s a quick look through the past year in Roseville and Placer County.

Covid-19 Timeline

March 2- Coronavirus Hits Placer County
March 4- Placer County Declares Local Health Emergency
March 10- Catchphrases: Bend the Curve, Slow the Spread
March 13- Placer County Schools Closed

April 16: Testing Shortages Persist: 124 Cases, 4 Deaths

Galleria Roseville

Stay at Home Order

April 16- Placer Stay at Home Order
Apr 28- Preparing for Surge
May 6- Rocklin Mayor Praises Gov Newsom Leadership
May 7- Placer Seeks to Rescind Governor’s Orders

7 Things To Do

Times are a changin’

March 16- 7 Things To Do When America Shut Down
March 24- Elderly Face Loneliness and Food Scarcity
March 26- Photos Around Town
April 2- Face Coverings Recommended

May 28 – 196 cases reported, 9 Deaths

US Capitol Building

Placer rollback

July 6-Top PPP Loan Recipients
July 13- Governor Rollback Placer Openings

Emergency declared over

Sept 9 – 36 deaths

Sept 9- Placer Declares End of Local Emergency
Dec 4- Covid-19 Compared to Flu (Data)

Deadliest Surge

(Dec – Jan) Hospital capacity strained during Placer’s deadliest surge ~150 deaths. Positivity rate surpasses 16%

Roseville Kaiser


Jan 31, 2021 – Roseville Vaccine Clinics

March 1- Hospitalizations Plummet, Positivity Rate Drops to 2.9%

March 1, 2021 – Placer County Latest Covid-19


  • We solemnly remember the more than 500,000 Americans who lost their lives along with the suffering of their families and friends.
  • We honor frontline workers who endured a living hell working to protect all of us.
  • We think about all our fellow Americans and neighbors who have endured isolation, shuttered businesses, financial upheaval and struggles to put food on their tables.
  • We remember that it does take a village.

Even in the most difficult of times, we also celebrate the quiet times, the extra time with friends and family who make this grand adventure of life worth living. The past year has been a difficult one. It may shape us, it will not define us.

We’re looking forward to an incredible 2021 and beyond!

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