Andrew Tagg

RJUHSD Board President Andrew Tagg

Hi, My name is Andrew Tagg, and I serve as president of the RJUHSD board of education. I’m also lucky enough to be a parent of a Class of 2020 graduate. I have a few words I’d like to share with you.

Throughout our history, Americans, many of them young people like you, have survived crises. Class of 2020, let this remind you, and never define you: You are greater than a temporary set back. Although we wish today’s celebration looked different, remember that the journey is not defined by one day, but by the years of hard work and perseverance you have demonstrated throughout your academic career.

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I have watched the Class of 2020 salvage their senior year with creativity, humor, and a human spirit I didn’t know was possible a few months back. I’ve seen kindness and support spread through social media and digital channels like a beacon of hope, a testament to the strength and everlasting positivity of the Class of 2020.

“Togetherness while apart”

Each of you is heading into an unknown future, with unwritten pages and you will be the generation that writes them. You will be forced to develop the creativity, innovation and resourcefulness that will bring positive change to our world. This spirit of “togetherness while apart” has inspired every other generation with your outlook on the future with the intention that these are the times when ideas are born, risks are taken and your fellow man is cared for in a way that we’ve lost sight of over the years.

May you all enter your next chapter of life with these thoughts: That you are prepared, like no other generation, to create change for our society and for those around you. That there is no online course you can’t tackle, that there is no barrier you cannot overcome and that there is no crisis that can dampen your spirit. May you continue to use social media for what it was originally intended for: to spread joy and to connect with friends and family near and far. May you continue demonstrating your love, respect and care for your elders by protecting them, making them proud andโ€ฆperhaps even teaching them how to add a Zoom background to their call.

May you spread your cleverness, energy and willingness to be flexible, to cherish the opportunity to hug our grandparents, to sit around a dinner table with friends and to always lend a helping hand.

Practice resilience

And, finally, may you continue to practice resilience throughout the rest of your lives. Because times will not always be this tough, but they’ll not always be easy. Remember this moment in time, a moment you survived and came out the other side. And I hope everyone will join me in saying thank you to the resilient Class of 2020. Thank you for being you and for helping us to be better for you. Congratulations.

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