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Gratitude helps strengthen emotional intelligence

Roseville, Calif. – The season of giving thanks is here! Arguably my favorite time of year, November reminds us to pause and find gratitude in all things big and small.

It reminds me how thankful I am to watch our 8th graders work towards the end of their RCSD academic journeys and our TK-ers just beginning theirs. It reminds me how thankful I am for our staff who have reached retirement and those who are just beginning their careers in education. From beginning to end, I am thankful to have been part of so many paths here at RCSD.

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹ Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

⤹Roseville: June 20- 23! ⤸

This year has felt like a rebirth, a chance to truly feel how grateful we are for the little things in life. Visiting classrooms and school sites, watching classes tour their libraries, sitting together at lunch, playing together at recess. The joy of childhood is clear at RCSD and I am thankful to all of our staff and parents for being part of making this magic happen for our students.

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Every year, I am also thankful to watch our growth. It’s clear why Roseville made Money magazine’s list of Top 50 best places to live in 2020 – it’s a great place to raise a family and we will only continue to grow! New students are joining us each week and I am thankful that RCSD will become part of their life story. I am also thankful to announce the appointment of Amy Banks as Associate Superintendent of Business Services. In her new role, Amy will oversee long-range budget planning, risk management, new facilities construction, supervision of accounting, payroll, maintenance, transportation, information systems support, food services, purchasing and warehousing. This means we have a strong team in place to not only support our growth, but to ensure its sustainability for generations to come.

As you begin talking to your students about what makes them feel thankful, try this gratitude exercise at home: jot down one thing you and your children are thankful for each day. At the end of the week, read the list aloud and talk about why these things are important and how to show gratitude. This exercise can help children strengthen their emotional intelligence while cultivating a culture of kindness at home and at school.

Also, let me know how it goes at [email protected].

Derk Garcia
Superintendent Roseville City School District

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