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Turning the page to write the newest chapter

Roseville, Calif.- Once those tassels slide across student caps from right to left, then tossed into the air in celebration, we know the school year is officially over. And for many throughout our District, their time at RJUHSD has come to an end.

It feels bittersweet to say goodbye to the hundreds of graduates and the dozens of retirees, but I can’t deny the excitement of watching each of them turn the page to begin writing their newest chapter. And these chapters are as unique and wondrous as the graduates writing them! Our graduates are scattering across the country in pursuit of their dreams and passions, many of which were honed in the halls of our schools, on the pitches of our fields and at the desks in the classrooms in which we ignite, inspire and prepare our students.

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Liz Lamora

For example, Liz Lamora, a Woodcreek High School graduate, has set her sights on becoming a Broadway performer. Throughout high school, Liz dedicated herself to honing her skills as an actress, vocalist, and dancer, seeking guidance from renowned teachers and participating in community theater. Her hard work and unwavering dedication have paid off, as Liz has been accepted into the esteemed BFA Musical Theatre Program at The University of Oklahoma, known for producing top musical theater talents. We eagerly anticipate seeing Liz shine on stage, as she turns her dreams into reality!

Joseth Martinez

Joseth Martinez, a resilient bilingual Oakmont High School graduate, has triumphed over numerous challenges throughout his academic journey. Despite the loss of his father in 2019 and the disruptions caused by the pandemic, Joseth had shown exceptional determination and resilience. Despite these obstacles, he earned a GPA exceeding 3.0 while taking on greater responsibilities to support his family. We applaud his decision to join the U.S. Marine Corps after graduation. His accomplishments highlight his unwavering commitment to success and his ability to overcome adversity.

RJHUSD retirees 2023

Esteemed retirees

Among these graduates beginning the next chapter of their lives are our many esteemed retirees, also with plans to step into their own new chapter: RETIREMENT.

This year, we say goodbye to 31 retirees from across the District and throughout our departments. While each of them have dedicated dozens of years of their lives to RJUHSD and our students, we’d like to share our deep gratitude to the following educators who have served our students for an exceptional 30 or more years: Scott Braly, Andrewa Muller, Carole Pryor, Jeanne Sampson, Myron Stephens, Greg Strawn and John Welch.

For a full list of all our incredible retirees, visit us on Facebook @RJUHSD. Thank you for inspiring our students and advocating for generations of young adults to follow their dreams. You leave a legacy that will inspire our educators and students for years to come.

These are just a few of the retirees and graduates who are stepping up to the precipice of a fresh start and we are beyond proud of their contributions within our District community – and beyond. If you have a story to share from a recent graduate or retiree, we’d love to hear from you!

John Becker, RJUHSD Superintendent

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