Roseville Final Map

Defining district boundaries for the next decade

Roseville, Calif.- The Roseville Independent Redistricting Commission unanimously adopted the Final Redistricting Report and Final Map at its public meeting on February 28, 2022. The Final Map will define the Roseville City Council district boundaries until the next redistricting process takes place after the 2030 U.S. Census.

“The Redistricting Commission held more than a dozen public meetings and received hundreds of comments from the public that helped shape the Final Map,” said Paul Frank, Chair of the Roseville Independent Redistricting Commission. “I feel that the map approved by the Commission best represents the public input and will serve our community well for the 10 years.”

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Commission of Community Members

The Independent Redistricting Commission, established by Roseville voters and made up entirely of community members, has the exclusive authority to redraw council district boundaries without Roseville City Council input or direction. The City Council may not rescind, supersede, or revise the district boundaries adopted by the Commission.

As outlined in Article XI of the Roseville City Charter, the Commission-adopted Final Redistricting Report and Final Map has the force and effect of law and is effective thirty calendar days after it is filed with the City Clerk. The Final Redistricting Report and Final Map were filed with the Roseville City Clerk on March 1, 2022.

At the annual City Council Priorities Workshop last week, all five Roseville City Councilmembers reaffirmed the approach that, although they are elected by district, each Councilmember is committed to serving all of Roseville.

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