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Channeling hard work and dedication into a final push

Roseville, Calif. – As the sunny days of May arrive and the school year winds down, our students and classrooms begin reflecting on their journey. We often emphasize the fresh start of September, like setting goals and forging ahead with enthusiasm. Winter break serves as a mid-point checkpoint, a chance to assess progress and recharge.

But May is unique – it’s the home stretch, the sprint to the finish line. It’s a time to channel all the hard work and dedication invested throughout the year into a final push. We celebrate the milestones reached: the completed projects, the conquered assessments, and the enriching extracurricular activities. These experiences shaped a memorable school year and created bridges between our students and their newest passions.

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Journey of 180 days

On the last day of school, May 30, we will have completed 180 days of instruction. That’s 180 busy mornings, 180 opportunities to make a new friend, 180 days of learning, and 180 chances to bring our best each day. For families and staff members, that’s 180 days of juggling schedules, managing drop-offs, and balancing your needs while supporting our children so they may be their best selves every day.
As we navigate these final weeks, let’s not overlook any achievement, no matter how small. Let’s remember that every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a positive impact. It’s these daily efforts that have brought us to this point in our journey.

As we approach the finish line together, let’s celebrate our collective achievements, big and small. As we look forward to a summer of memories and rejuvenation, let’s acknowledge the remarkable journey we’ve had this year. A heartfelt thank you to our staff, families, and community members for your invaluable contributions – together, we’ve made this a school year to remember!

Derk Garcia, RCSD Superintendent

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