Guardian Angel Gala (formerly Funny Bones)

Roseville, Calif. – Every year Placer SPCA honors local heroes who demonstrate how animals and people work together to benefit all of our lives. This year’s awards were presented at Placer SPCA’s Guardian Angel Gala (formerly Funny Bones) on March 7, 2024. The event was held at the Timber Creek Ballroom Sun City Roseville.

The mission of the Placer SPCA is to enhance the lives of companion animals and support the human-animal bond. The 2024 Placer SPCA Hero Award recipients truly exemplify the strong bond between animals and people. We are honored to celebrate their inspiring work and their impact on our community.

Placer SPCA Hero Awards 2024


Blaze, Golden Doodle

In April 2023, Blaze, a specially trained Golden Doodle, joined the Roseville Fire Department as a comfort canine. Firefighter Paramedic Dan Salois is Blaze’s full-time handler, providing care and training for him at the firehouse and at home. When a critical incident occurs, and the peer support team is utilized, Blaze works with those in attendance to spend time with the person in need and comfort them by simply being a calming, friendly, and loving presence.

Through their dedication and tireless efforts, Dan and Blaze have helped countless individuals navigate through difficult times and overcome challenges. Blaze has also been crucial in promoting our community’s first responders’ mental and emotional well-being. Blaze came to the Roseville Fire Department through a partnership with Hearts 4 Heroes, USA.

Tower of Niceness

Tower of Niceness

The Tower of Niceness was started nine years ago by River Sharp with a simple idea to help people in need. It expanded to help animals shortly thereafter, and their Furry Friends Fundraiser has been a permanent project ever since. River, along with his siblings Ryder and Presley, make all financial decisions, participate on the board, and help run every project. Over the last several years, the Tower of Niceness has purchased much-needed items listed on Placer SPCA’s Wish List to help the animals in care, they have helped Placer SPCA’s special needs dogs by providing funding for dog training, and have helped neonatal kittens with donations of special food and supplements.

Neonatal kittens are kittens that are less than four weeks old who come in without their mother, needing around-the-clock care and hand feedings every few hours with special food.) Thank you Tower of Niceness for giving back to our community by helping homeless, abandoned, and abused animals receive safe shelter, nutritious food, medical treatment, and loving forever homes.

Roseville Fire Department

Roseville Fire Dept

In early August 2023, Engine 5 with Captain Brian Guernsey, Engineer Ryan Jay, and, at the time, Firefighter Paramedic, now Engineer Dusty Gooch, were dispatched to help a cat that was stuck in the engine compartment of a white Honda Pilot. The driver heard the kitten meowing after she had driven from their home to a local high school to pick up her daughter. She realized that she could not get the kitten out and called the Fire Department for assistance. Although Milo the cat had gotten himself wedged in for a long ride, the crew was able to rescue the 3-month-old kitten successfully. The owner of the vehicle and her daughter had no idea their new kitten had gotten out of the house, let alone into the engine compartment of their car. Still, they were so appreciative of the assistance that the firefighters provided to get their four-legged family member out safely.

We are beyond grateful to our first responders for going above and beyond for our community. Their commitment to saving the lives of both two-legged and four-legged individuals is inspiring and heartwarming.


Butter is a certified therapy dog

Butter is a certified therapy dog with the ability to sense and provide comfort to those experiencing trauma – whether emotional, mental, or physical. Partnering primarily with Supervisors Sergeant Dave Buelow and Practitioner CJ Smith from the Roseville Police Department Social Services Unit, Butter has proven to be a reliable friend and support system. Since July 2023, Butter has responded to 44 calls for service, showcasing his heroism in various situations. In one call, Butter responded to a senior citizen living in his vehicle, seeking support. While addressing the senior’s immediate needs, Butter exhibited behavior signaling a medical emergency around the individual’s leg. Despite no visible signs, the citizen decided to visit the hospital based on Butter’s alert. It was discovered that the individual was fighting a life-threatening infection and ultimately saved the citizen’s life.

Butter’s unwavering dedication and compassionate actions exemplify the positive impact a crisis comfort canine can have on a community, making him a beloved figure in Roseville.

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