Placer Grants

California Microbusiness COVID-19 Relief Grant Program

Auburn, Calif. – Placer County today launched the Placer Micro Biz Grant Program, which will distribute $412,500 in relief funds to microbusinesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Microbusinesses in Placer may be eligible for up to $2,500 in grant funding.



The grants are not loans and do not need to be paid back. The only exception is if the funds are not used, or if the funds are not used as stated on the grant application.

To qualify

To qualify, businesses must have five or fewer employees and less than $50,000 in revenue as of 2019, in addition to several additional eligibility requirements.

Grant program eligibility requirements, applications, application assistance and frequently asked questions are available on the Placer Micro Biz website.

Applications accepted through 4:49 p.m. on March 31

Funding for the program is made possible through the California Microbusiness COVID-19 Relief Grant Program (California SB 151) sponsored by the California Office of the Small Business Advocate.

The Placer County Board of Supervisors on Jan. 25 approved the grant program and directed the Placer County Economic Development Office to set up and distribute the funding.

Placer County has contracted with the Sierra Business Council to administer applications and funding of the grants, and is partnering with other community agencies to help identify and reach out to microbusinesses eligible for the funding.

  • Jim Nielsen (R), California State Senator for District 4 voted against SB151.
  • California SB 151

California Microbusiness COVID-19 Relief Grant Program

SB 151 Vote in California Legislature

02/22/21- Result (PASS)
Ayes Count: 29
Noes Count: 8
NVR Count: 2

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