Scales of Justice

Grand Jury Responses to Final Report

Placer County and cities within Placer County have provided their responses to the recommendations contained in the 2017-2018 Placer County Grand Jury Report.

The 2018-2019 Placer County Grand Jury announces that Responses to the 2017-2018 Final Report have been published.

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“This gives the citizens of Placer County the opportunity to examine the responses that government entities gave to the recommendations that the Grand Jury made in their June 2018 Final Report”, states Ron Johnson, Foreperson.

The Grand Jury has not verified the adequacy of these responses and has not confirmed implementation of promised corrective actions.

The Placer County Grand Jury is an investigatory body with the authority to act as a watchdog on local government, investigates citizen complaints, and assist in criminal matters at the request of the district attorney.

Grand Jury Report 2017-2018

Available online via PDF file, view Grand Jury Report.

Grand Jury Response

Available online via PDF file, view Grand Jury Response

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