Coronavirus far deadlier than Flu

(Final Regular Update: March 1, 2021) Roseville, CA – For months Covid-19 and Influenza comparisons were all the rage and rumor, facts be damned. An effective tool is to research the actual data from the CDC and Placer County Health.

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Are the claims that COVID-19 is not much deadlier or different than the flu accurate? Let’s see how Placer County COVID-19 death rate compares to national influenza average.

U.S. Influenza Burden 2018-2019

Age GroupIllnessDeathsDeath Rate
0- 1711,296,414477.0042%
18- 4911,913,2032,450.0205%
50- 649,238,0385,676.0614%

Placer County Flu Deaths 2018-19

Age GroupDeaths
“Outside of deaths, individual flu cases arenโ€™t reportable to Public Health”
Source: Placer County

Placer County COVID-19 Burden (Mar 2020 – March 2021)

Age GroupIllnessDeathsDeath Rate vs U.S. Flu
0- 17231800% (lower)
18- 49102053.0294 (143%+ higher)
50- 64419020.4773% (777%+ higher)
65+31142096.7116 (807%+ higher)
source: Placer County (as of 3/1/2021):

While statistics don’t account for all variables or provide a complete picture, the data publicly available indicates that, yes, in addition to being much more contagious, COVID-19 remains far deadlier than the flu with significantly more hospitalizations and greater impact on community health care systems.

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