Kim Ortiz

Volunteering through Placer County nonprofit, Team Giving, Inc.

Roseville, CA- Kim Ortiz has lived in Roseville for three years and has been an engaged and inspiring volunteer with Team Giving since she moved to the area. Team Giving Inc., a nonprofit that began in Placer County and works across the Greater Sacramento Region to connect volunteers to nonprofits in need, was one of the first ways Kim engaged in our community.

Her earliest memory of volunteering goes back to her childhood, where she participated in various sports programs and local nonprofits.

“I think volunteering provides me with a very positive and accomplished feeling,” Kim says. “It’s extremely rewarding.”

Through the organization, volunteers like Kim can participate as individuals, families or groups with nonprofits in the area. An online volunteer calendar and friendly staff ensure that anyone looking to donate time or talents to local nonprofits can easily find a place to do so.

“Volunteering really connects you to the community and helps bring an awareness to things we sometimes take for granted”

Kim Ortiz, Roseville resident

Opportunity matched hectic schedule

When she first reached out to Team Giving, Kim was searching for an opportunity for her office that worked with their hectic schedules.

“After looking at so many organizations online, I was feeling overwhelmed,” Kim says. “I reached out to Team Giving and was immediately provided numerous causes and time slots we could make work for me and all of my coworkers.”

Now, years later, Kim and her coworkers still volunteer regularly. Once, they wrote letters to children transitioning from elementary to middle school, providing them with words of wisdom and confidence to move forward.

“We all sat around and were able to read our letters to one another and it was so heartwarming,” Kim says.

When asked about what she loves about volunteering and where she lives, Kims says, “Volunteering really connects you to the community and helps bring an awareness to things we sometimes take for granted. It is just another step to bring our community closer together and understand what the needs of our community are and how we can support those.”

This sentiment is exactly why Team Giving began its work, and why they continue today.

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