Marijuana Bust

Dudes don’t abide, get busted following high electrical use

Roseville, CA- On Thursday, May 7th Roseville Police received a call from employees with the Roseville Electric Department reporting someone had tampered with a residential electrical box, likely attempting to steal power. The electric employees reported this house, located on Toscano Court in Roseville, was using approximately 16 times more power compared to a home of similar size.

As officers were on-scene, doing an initial investigation of the house and waiting for a search warrant, a suspicious vehicle was spotted in the neighborhood. One of the patrol officers acted quickly and performed a traffic stop on the vehicle. The two suspects, later identified as Gui Lin (dob 10/20/1983) of Sacramento and Jing Xiong You (dob 06/11/1963) of Pleasant Grove were later connected to the home.

As officers gained access to the home, they quickly discovered a large scale indoor marijuana growing operation. The home was over 4300 square feet in size and the vast majority of the house was being used to cultivate marijuana.

756 plants over the limit

Officers seized 762 marijuana plants, growing lights, and air filtration systems. The estimated street value for the marijuana collected was over $250,000 with the ability to reach over $1 million per year if the grow continued.

Although it is legal to grow marijuana in California, growers must register with the State Bureau of Cannabis Control. Approved growers must follow healthy and safety guidelines in their operation. Furthermore, the City of Roseville does not allow large-scale indoor marijuana grow operations. Residents of Roseville are limited to growing for personal use and should not possess more than six plants.

Illegal indoor grow operations like this pose several risks to the surrounding neighbors and our community. Not only was this operation a significant fire hazard, there was a high likelihood of increased criminal activity.

The two suspects, Lin and You were booked into the South Placer Jail on several charges including conspiracy to commit a crime, illegal cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and theft of utility services.

Growing Cannabis in Placer County, legally

A maximum of 6 plants, not to exceed 50 square feet are allowed by parcel. Cultivation is only allowed on parcels that have a legal residence on them. For further details visit Placer County Cannabis Ordinance.

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