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Cannabis cultivation in Placer

Auburn, Calif. – Placer’s cannabis ordinance, allowing limited cultivation for personal use only, became effective January 2017.

The ordinance is consistent with the 1996 Proposition 215 Compassionate Use Act, 2015 Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act and the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act, also known as Proposition 64. It allows cultivation of up to six non-medical plants on 50 square feet or cultivation of 50 square feet of medical cannabis for personal use, but bans all commercial activity related to cannabis including cultivation, processing, manufacturing, delivery and distribution.

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Placer County’s Code Compliance Office is mainly responsible for enforcing the ordinance, with fines for non-compliance ranging from $500 per plant over the six plant limit up to $5,000 a day for commercial activities including cultivation, manufacture or distribution.

More information on cannabis cultivation rules and regulations is available at

Cannabis Ordinance Summary

  • A maximum of 6 plants, not to exceed 50 square feet are allowed by parcel
  • Cultivation is only allowed on parcels that have a legal residence on them
  • Cultivation may be done indoors in either a residence or a secure accessory structure
  • Cultivation may be done outdoors, in unincorporated cities, with a 100 feet setback from property lines, 600 feet setback from schools, churches, and “youth oriented facilities”, and closer to the grower’s house than any neighbor’s.
  • All commercial activities are prohibited.
  • Enforcement penalties will be accomplished through an Administrative Civil Penalty process involving a hearing officer. Fines of up to $1,000/plant are authorized.
  • Enforcement lead will be County Code Enforcement with help from the Sheriff’s Office.
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