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500 Masks Donated by Neighbors

Guest post from Roseville Volunteer Force

Roseville, CA- Free Mask Giveaway #4 this Friday, April 17th, from 10am until 12pm at Raley’s (Woodcreek Oaks & Pleasant Grove). Depending on how this goes, it MIGHT be our LAST giveaway so make sure you come or send someone. We’ll design it for walk-up or drive-up access!

Please notify your friends or family who need one!

With additional donations coming in, our Roseville Volunteer Force team will have about 500 more protective masks that are ready to give away to those in our community who truly need them (please see below for an explanation).

We will have a table and a Roseville Volunteer Force banner onsite, next to the store. If you’d like to purchase one of the “I Survived the Great [TP] Crisis of 2020” buttons (profits go towards charities that serve the homeless), we’ll have those available too. Our volunteer team will be wearing gloves, masks, and face shields donated by Operation Shields Up.

We have been focusing on providing masks to our neighbors that are in high-risk situations and cannot make their own mask and cannot buy one online (and the online scammers are plenty). The messages to RVF requesting masks are STILL very many, and it’s difficult to deliver to all those individual locations, which is why we’re having these events for them come to us (or someone coming for them).

Here’s an example of mask needs that are throughout our community:

  • Essential workers that interface with the public (delivering food or groceries to your door, hand you coffee or food through your car window, working at a public counter, grocery store staff, and MANY MANY more).
  • At-risk residents (elderly, medically fragile, asthma, etc.) who must go out on occasion for errands, exercise, etc. and cannot make or find a mask to buy. This includes live-in family that may be elderly or have members that frequently leave the home because they are essential workers.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that we cannot hand someone 50 masks for their restaurant, etc. We will run out of these too quickly and we’ve decided that our focus is on our neighbors. If your restaurant workers need masks and you as a business owner can’t get them, make them, or buy them yourself, you should suggest that the workers come pick one up here. If you have a small business with less than a dozen essential workers, we “might” provide up to a dozen surgical masks (disposable) if the owner can justify the need (while supplies last).

Please help us get the word out about this event.

Donated by neighbors – not guaranteed

These masks are not being provided by the city, the county, or Raley’s stores. They were mostly donated by your neighbors who care. The masks vary in quality and we cannot guarantee anything about them. They are merely an aid to those who have nothing otherwise.

About Roseville Volunteer Force

An informal group of community volunteers that have come together to HELP others. We believe that it is our duty to help our fellow community members when they are in need and while we can’t solve every problem, we do have a large list of volunteers (not necessarily the same as the members of this group) who are eager to help with errands, shopping, and similar things, ESPECIALLY in a time of crisis (e.g., Coronavirus mitigation, disasters, etc.)

It is IMPORTANT to understand that this is not supported or backed by the city of Roseville, RCONA, or any church. This is just a forum to do good. Members of this volunteer force are not vetted through any formal process. Some are good friends, some are community leaders, some are business owners. However, none of these people necessarily have background checks and none of them are formally vetted. There is always a small percentage of scoundrels, thieves, predators, etc. among us and it is completely up to the recipient of any volunteer services to do their own background investigation and to be ultra careful about trusting a stranger. If someone does shopping for you, ask to see a receipt and verify what was purchased before reimbursing them. When reimbursing them, use Venmo. If you are uncomfortable opening your front door with them there, ask that they leave the groceries at your doorstep. Again, we cannot necessarily vouch for anyone who volunteers to help. Be cautious and safe.

Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/groups/VolunteerForce/about/