Roseville Draft B1
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Available for public review and comment for 30 days

Roseville, Calif.- The Roseville Independent Redistricting Commission selected a modified version of Draft Map B as the final draft City Council district map at its January 24 public meeting. The final draft map, referred to as Draft Map B-1, is posted on the City’s website and will be available for public review and comment for 30 days. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL SIZE MAP)

In accordance with Article XI of the Roseville City Charter, the Commission will hold five additional public hearings during the 30-day review period, one in each of the existing City Council districts, to take public comment about Draft Map B-1. The schedule of these public hearings is being developed and will be released when complete.

10 Year Boundaries

Following the 30-day public review period, the Commission will then hold a public meeting to formally consider the adoption of Draft Map B-1 as the final map that defines City Council district boundaries for the next 10 years.

As an independent body, the Commission is empowered to adopt the district boundaries, without City Council approval.

“I want to thank the public for its input and comments as the Commission has reached this important point in the process. The level of engagement by our residents has been inspiring and extremely helpful,” said Paul Frank, Roseville Independent Redistricting Commission chair.

Narrowed from 23 maps

On December 20, 2021 the Commission had narrowed 23 maps submitted by the public to six draft maps for further consideration. The Commission then held six public meetings at locations around the city to receive public comment about the maps before selecting the final draft map at its January 24 public meeting.

Every 10 years, after the U.S. Census, the City of Roseville must re-establish the boundaries for City Council districts. In 2021, an Independent Redistricting Commission made up entirely of community members was formed to establish district boundaries.

Further information about the Independent Redistricting Commission and the redistricting process can be found at

Redistricting Summary Statistics

*Correction: The headline has been updated to reflect The Independent Commission selecting the redistricting map, not the City Council.