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World-class destination along the California Coast

Monterey, CA- The classic “find the silver lining” cliché’ rings much more loudly these days. This past year as much as any other reminds us, the more we strip away expectations and indulge a willingness of flexibility and adaptability, the door of opportunities and experiences unlock.

A recent escape to Cannery Row in Monterey offered a quiet and calm antidote to all the noise of 2020. We welcomed the opportunity to experience Monterey in a refreshingly new light.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Travel Safe & Travel Smart

There are no perfect or easy answers for those considering travel this year. Locations throughout California and the nation are navigating the challenges of keeping businesses open in a safe and healthy manner. At every location, we witnessed business owners and patrons adapting as best as possible, with a smile and a shared sense of concern and responsibility toward each other. Travel risk is a personal assessment and with precautions in place along with our masks, we spent a few stress-free days experiencing the bounty and scenic wonders of Monterey County.

Let’s explore!

Experience Monterey

InterContinental The Clement Monterey

Intercontinental The Clement Monterey
Indoor and outdoor gathering spots with view of Monterey Bay

Looking for upscale style and comfort in the heart of Cannery Row? Look no further than The Clement Monterey. Situated along the water’s edge of Monterey Bay, The Clement Monterey delivers the ultimate in convenience with exceptional waterfront views.

Immaculate rooms, sweeping views and luxuriously comfortable bedding with Frette linens provided the perfect level of relaxation and rest following expeditions of fun around Monterey. Perhaps it is the combination of age and experience that raises our awareness and appreciation for a great night’s rest during our travels. Maybe it’s just our weary bones. Either way, seasoned travelers take note.

The Clement outside
Soak in the sights and sounds

For those seeking an “all-options on the table” adventure around Monterey, The Clement is an ideal home base for adventure. Recreation adventures, window shopping and outdoor dining options begin just steps from the quiet of your room.

Following your days of adventure in Monterey, duck back into the peaceful comfort of The Clement. Cozy up near the fireplace in the lounge with a glass of wine or stroll out by the back patio fire pits to catch the last rays of sun before darkness makes its daily descent upon Monterey Bay. As night falls, settle into the comfort of your room to unwind. Rest up as the fun begins anew tomorrow.

» Plan your Stay in The Clement Monterey

Seaside Shops

Casually strolling among the myriad of colorfully decorated seaside shops and eateries as you soak in the sights and sounds is an exhilarating experience. Browse the local shops and afterward grab a bite and drink at one of the outdoor dining areas. Heating lamps and a small business creativity provides extra warmth in a uniquely fun experience.

Cannery Row
Sunshine, fresh air with shopping and outdoor dining experiences

Honey, Honey

What began as a 5th grade homework assignment several years ago has turned into a sweet passion for Jake Reisdorf and family. We first met this gregarious young man and entrepreneur years ago as he began making a name for himself in the hospitality industry with Carmel Honey Company. Fast forward a few years and the expansion continues with the boutique store on Cannery Row. An entertaining stop and perfect for unique gift ideas. Sweet!
» Learn more at Carmel Honey Company

Oceanfront Stroll

A quick jump across the street to the paved walking path which welcomes and guides you from the hustle and bustle of Cannery Row to the welcoming sound of perpetually crashing waves as you head toward the Pacific Grove. Keep a watchful eye for majestic Albatross overhead or gaze upon the ocean to spot playful sea otters or wave surfing seals.
Absorb tranquility as your stress dissipates into the ocean breeze.

Two Wheel Tours

Looking to experience more of Monterey’s best with a little less effort? How about an adventure on an electric scooter reminiscent of a modern day Italian Vespa? Incredibly easy to ride, smooth and quiet along with a big super-size cushy seat, Two Wheel Tours adds more excitement to any Monterey adventure. Spend the day cruising and exploring the coastline, historic destinations and additional attractions with a little extra flair. An immersive experience that makes you feel closer to the action!

Located at 601 Wave St, Two Wheel Tours is easy access from all points near Cannery Row.
» To schedule the fun, visit Two Wheel Tours.

Explore the coast at your own pace.

“Visiting Monterey during non-peak season affords an opportunity to experience the region at a less hurried pace. A more casual friendliness is evident, plus there are great savings to be had!”

Travel Staff
Princess Monterey Whale Watching
In Search of Humpback Whales Monterey Bay

Whale Watching – Princess Monterey

Autumn and winter are terrific times to experience the grandeur of the California coast. The pace slows dramatically as clear and sunny skies make regular and often earlier appearances. With each breath, a cool nip awakens the spirit. It’s a splendid time for a relaxing whale watching trip out of Monterey Bay.

Setting sail aboard Princess Monterey Whale Watching’s 100-foot Atlantis, you’ll slowly make your way through the harbor filled with countless sun-worshiping sea lions along the jetty. This scenic 3-hour trip delivers panoramic views of Monterey Bay. The St Lucia Mountain Range rises up in a dramatic silhouette against California’s cerulean sky as crisp ocean air brushes up against your skin. It’s a treat for the senses.

Whale Watching Tips

  • The upper deck seats are well worth the added price for tickets.
  • Take Dramamine an hour before setting sail
  • Dress in layers along with winter gloves and hat (no kiddin’)
Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale in Monterey Bay


About an hour into the journey, we began to see the unmistakable spouts of whales just off the bow. Humpback Whales, which spend a good amount of time on the ocean surface, were all around us. As we approached the whales, we watched them take turns diving for food before resurfacing to display their magnificence. Humpbacks may grow in excess of 50 feet long and weigh 60,000 pounds. These oceanic entertainers are distinguished for their pointed heads and long fins and flippers.

On this day, we were lucky enough to watch about a dozen humpbacks going about their day. A sunny afternoon with calm seas on Monterey Bay is always a great time.

Monterey Bay is a wildlife mecca in large part due to Monterey Canyon. This submarine canyon which rivals the Grand Canyon in size plays home and host to an incredible array of species. You never know what you will see!

» Plan your excursion at Princess Monterey Whale Watching

Monterey Bay Food Tours

Explore Monterey on foot, learn some fun facts about the city and its history while taking breaks to nosh on some scrumptious bites and quaff tasty libations. From popular tourist hot-spots to where the locals go, enjoy an afternoon of tasty treats or home-style comfort food. Experience the flavors of the Central Coast!

What’s Hot?

Scrumptious Comfort Food!

» Melville Tavern – The Meatloaf Dinner
The rumors are true. Hands down the best meatloaf dinner we’ve ever tried. Comfort food at it’s best after a cold day on the Monterey Peninsula. Sorry grandma!

» Revival Ice Cream – Bee’s Knees Ice Cream
Quirky flavors, sustainable practices, super delicious. It’s become a regular stop on our visits and the improved recipe makes Bee’s Knees the go-to flavor! Yes, they even ship ice cream to your door!

» Paris Bakery Cafe
There’s good reason why the French are esteemed for their baking skills. Master Baker Jackie Jegat, the owner and founder of Paris Bakery, began his baking career at the age of 16 in France. People flock here and it’s well worth the wait!

» Learn more at Monterey Bay Food Tours

Ocean Sunset

An absolute essential on all visits to Monterey must include the magical experience of watching the fiery orb make its ritualistic plummet beneath the distant horizon of the Pacific Ocean. It remains one of life’s simple, yet breathtaking and a humbling experiences. Arrive at least 30-60 minutes before sunset to enjoy. TIP: Stay in your vehicle or bring beach chairs and warm clothing to snag a primo spot at the shoreline’s edge.

The perfect antidote to all the noise of 2020.

Monterey Shines Brighter

Fresh ocean air, a shift to more outdoor activities and a little adaptation go a long way. Safe and responsible travel is now at the forefront and more important than ever. Monterey reminds us that wonderful recreation and travel opportunities remain in abundance all around the Monterey Peninsula.

As regular visitors to the region, we both noticed an extra level of kindness that seemed to pervade our visit. It was an opportunity to get a glimpse of a community that appears to be handling the adversity of our times with a certain humility and a sense of community. It was an opportunity to experience Monterey in an even brighter light. Just one of the many reasons that continually draws us back a few times each year. We ♥ Monterey!

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