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Roseville, CA- This past month, I decided to “Disconnect to Reconnect.” Sure, it may not have been an off-the-grid type experience. However, after some initial unease, this small experiment turned into an unqualified success.

Endless Pull of Technology

Like so many others, I’ve often contemplated the concept of “Disconnect to Reconnect” only to quickly ignore the insatiable pull that technology feeds.

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Self Preservation 2020

With 2020 being a year that included a relentless barrage of pandemic news, social media insanity, political bitterness and divisiveness among family, friends and strangers, the desire to “Disconnect to Reconnect” became more about self preservation than anything else. It was a simple case of noise fatigue.

The Process

Step 1: Social Media

The first step involved taking a month long social media break. FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. When important inquiries came in via email, I responded privately. No posts, no checking feeds.
The Results: Easy to do. No noticeable downside with more time freed up.

Step 2: Phone

The next step in the process was as simple as turning the phone off and sticking it in a drawer for the better part of the day. The out of sight and out of mind principle worked well, mostly. Reaching for the phone a thousand times a day, no more!
The Results: Responding to texts and emails at a more relaxed pace is not a bad thing. The inability to instantly look up facts, even the most trivial ones deeply pained me. How did we ever manage before!

Step 3: Computer

Day one was a raging success! After that I failed miserably. This was by far, the most difficult and least successful part of “Disconnect to Reconnect.” A reminder how technology is so intricately woven into daily life on both a business and personal level.
The Results: Completely bombed on this one. However, success turning off social media and the phone led to greater productivity and efficiency in this area.


Overall, the “Disconnect to Reconnect” experiment was a profound success.

Greatly reducing intake of social media, phone, news feeds and politics had exactly the effect one would expect going into this experiment. Patience, gratitude and optimism rose as stress evaporated, sleep improved and laughter soared. Best of all, “Disconnect to Reconnect” opens up more of our time to share with those closest to us and keep the focus on what’s important.

Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year!

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