Rob Baquera - Roseville PD

Reducing Risk Simply and Practically

Roseville, CA – Daylight savings ends November 1. This means falling leaves, cooler days, and fewer hours of daylight. With every change in the season comes different challenges to keep our properties safe from criminals. We may be tempted to open our windows at night, let our shrubs grow, or leave lights off to conserve energy.

In an effort to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime, we’d like to encourage you to utilize the concepts of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) at your home and workplace. By following some simple tips, this can greatly help reduce the ability of a criminal to succeed.


4 Areas of Focus

  1. Access Control – install and utilize deadbolt locks, alarms, window locks or dowels. Landscape design can also help control the ease with which individuals gain access to windows and doors. The strategic placement of a thorny rose bush can discourage preying eyes into your home.
  2. Natural surveillance – designing the area in a way that leaves criminals exposed. Examples include illuminated stairwells, visible view of a door from the street, and security lighting.
  3. Territorial reinforcement – posted signs or indications that the property is not vacant and is private property. Decorative fencing and personalized landscaping help reinforce that someone is living there.
  4. Maintenance – continue basic upkeep, repair, and maintenance. Neglected or disheveled properties can create mistreatment by other residents and impact the level of commitment by fellow neighbors to help watch your house. Some examples of maintaining a property includes quickly removing any graffiti, maintain yards by removing weeds and dead plants, and painting worn buildings.

These tips can be utilized throughout the year. Some important areas to focus on are lighting and landscape maintenance. As the days start to grow shorter, lighting will be very beneficial to minimizing a criminal’s potential opportunity to hide in the dark shadows. Landscape maintenance includes raking up fallen leaves, trimming hedges, and sweeping driveways of fallen tree debris.

A well maintained yard is a strong indication that homeowners have a pride of ownership for their home and their neighborhood.

It’s always important to be a great witness. Remember to report suspicious activity and investigate those things that might seem out of place. If you’re ever unsure or are concerned about something at your home or in your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to contact the Police Department at 916-774-5000.