4th musical playlist

Neil Diamond to Grateful Dead for 4th of July

Roseville, Calif. – For many Americans, 2022 is a breakout year for ditching the conventional in all areas of life. When it comes to music, some traditions should have been retired decades ago. Sorry, FM radio, we’ve voted you off the island long ago.

Thanks to the selection of Streaming Services, crafting your own playlist for 4th of July or any time of the year is incredibly fun and lightning quick. So, this year we’re chillin’ out with custom playlists all day. Craft a playlist while having family and friends contribute their favorites. It’s a win-win for everyone! (Really cool tip for creating playlist at the end of this article)

4th of July Playlist

Tips for Quickly Creating Playlists

Here’s one of our favorite tips for crafting an extensive and decade spanning playlist in no time.

  • Create a playlist name
  • Visit other playlists such as Billboard Top 100 for specific years, 1975 for example.
  • Work your way through the Billboard years that match your musical interests to scan and add those songs you love
  • You will quickly create an amazing greatest hits selection that is highly personal and spans decades of your life

While you may miss out on non charting songs you love, this technique allows you to capture long forgotten songs and musical genres that you no longer listen to! Be forewarned, you may wind up with some funny combos. One of our playlists includes a Bee Gees song next to a Grateful Dead song. A fun and colorful trip down musical memory lane. Happy Listening!

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