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Concept Successfully Pulled Off Before

Lincoln, CA- Converting a landfill to a tourist designation sounds crazy, right? Surprisingly, it’s already been done many times, including decades ago with remarkable success. Is it even worth considering in Placer County?

Success story

The iconic Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View was once a stench-emitting landfill. For the past 33 years, the amphitheater and adjacent Shoreline Park have served as thriving destinations for both locals and tourists. A concert destination, a local golf course, a sailing lake, biking and walking trails and large park along San Francisco Bay. It’s now considered a Bay Area and regional treasure. It’s a beaming example of innovative thinking, problem solving and a proud community asset. A success story on many levels that continues to pay dividends to residents and visitors.

Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA
Former landfill converted into major community asset in Mountain View.

Opportunity for Placer County

Placer County’s local landfill is situated at the corner of Athens and Fiddyment in Lincoln. To say development has begun encroaching on the landfill is an understatement. Area residents often complain of the stench that filters far into their affluent neighborhoods of Rocklin and West Roseville. When summer temperatures hit triple digits, landfills will do what landfills do.

Just a mile or so down the road, sits the popular local and tourist destination Thunder Valley Casino Resort. On hot summer nights, concerts are held outside in their parking lot. Placer County currently does not have its own sizable concert venue. The possibilities abound.

Think Big?

Should the feasibility be considered and studied? What are the environmental impacts and costs compared to the long term benefits for the community and region. How would it impact the tax base and tourism industry. Where would it relocate? What other key items should be considered. Mountain View holds some of those answers, along with the many cities below who’ve pulled it off. It’s worth a discussion in our view.

Pulling it off may be a herculean task. The economic boom could dwarf the challenges.

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