Clean Air Workshop Roseville

Children’s activities, food and refreshments

Roseville, Callif.- The Placer County Air Pollution Control District (PCAPCD) and the Health Education Council/Invest Health Roseville are hosting a community event at Kaseberg Elementary School, 1040 Main Street, Roseville on Tuesday, June 6, 2023 from 5:30pm – 7pm. The workshop will offer food and refreshments and highlight how we can work together for clean air. There will be children’s activities and individuals and families are encouraged to attend.

The event will feature a short presentation on the health impacts of air pollution and how to stay informed of local air quality conditions. Participants will learn what causes poor air quality and how to prepare for and respond to summer air quality impacts and smoke impacts during wildfire. There will be a demonstration of how to construct a DIY air cleaner and resources about masks and clean rooms. Participants will hear about the enhanced air filtration systems installed at local schools, including Kaseberg, that improve indoor air quality for students and staff.

Clean Air Grant projects

There will also be an update on Clean Air Grant projects underway in Roseville that replace higher-polluting diesel garbage trucks, school and transit buses with lower-emission compressed natural gas or electric vehicles. These projects provide cleaner transportation options and reduce localized pollution in neighborhoods. Information on Spare the Air and the Summer Youth Bus Pass that enables kids to get around hassle-free while reducing vehicle emissions and improving air quality will also be available.

roseville zero emission bus

Participants will be encouraged to provide community input and share their air quality related concerns and suggestions for solutions. Materials and presentations will be available in both English and Spanish. Please join us for this fun and informative event so we can all breathe easier!

Placer County Air Pollution Control District (PCAPCD)

The PCAPCD is a regulatory agency focused on reducing air pollution and maintaining healthy air quality in Placer County. Clean Air Grants are just one of the tools used by the PCAPCD to improve air quality and are available annually for a wide variety of projects, including school bus, heavy-duty vehicle and equipment replacements, and electric charging infrastructure.

Health Education Council (HEC)

The HEC exists to improve health outcomes in underserved neighborhoods by empowering the people in them to create the solutions they need most. HEC is the lead organization for a collaborative effort, Invest Health Roseville, dedicated to improving the quality of life and community well- being in Downtown Roseville’s core neighborhoods of Roseville Heights, Cherry Glenn, and Thieles Manor, through projects that will result in positive health outcomes for residents of those neighborhoods.


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