Alternatives to Traditional 4th of July

Independence Day, the Time for Tradition Busting?

Roseville, Calif. – Traditions are fun, yet for many Americans, the road less traveled often provides much more rewarding experiences and countless advantages over following the herds of conformity. A sentiment that rings a little louder on 4th of July.

In the spirit of Independence Day and freedom, here are a few ideas to stir some thoughts as you craft and chart your own 4th of July celebration.

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Roseville Today's Holiday Guide!

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In Downtown Roseville

California Recovery Center

In Downtown Roseville

California Recovery Center

Throw a Dart at a Map of Californiaโ€ฆ or not

This greatest state in the nation offers over 160,000 square miles of opportunity in every direction. From our vantage point, there’s no better way to experience California’s diversity of geography and culture than a classic road trip of your own design.

Toss a dart at a map or simply take to the road and let the mood of the day chart your course. Prepare for an adventure that’s truly your own. This tried and true technique has yet to fail us.

From discovering remote, off the grid communities and small local coffee shops to landing in the middle of a Van Halen soundcheck in Southern California, unplanned travel creates lasting memories.


Seek Out Ethnic Experiences

Experiencing another ethnic culture offers a powerful way of shredding prejudice, bias, and ignorance. Travel has a way of doing that.

Consider heading to a California community that is strongly represented by a culture other than your own. If available, visit its history museum for some quick and powerful insights. Explore the shops, grab a bite, chat up local merchants and better understand a little of what’s important to different communities. Adventures that have the ability to add a little humility and empathy can immeasurably enrich one’s life.

Whether you’re noshing in LA’s Koreatown, grabbing a Guinness (or two!) in Murphys or navigating the border town of Calexico in search of an authentic Mexican eatery, the world of culture can be experienced without ever leaving California. Dive in!

Dive Into California Culture

In this vast and remarkable Golden State, cultural variations are not simply ethnic. California towns and cities each possess their own characteristics and charms that blend into surprisingly distinct cultures. Often shaped by geography, weather, and history, it’s one of the most compelling draws of California in our view.

From urban settings to small towns, from quiet mountain communities to bustling beach towns and everything in between, there’s an adventure that awaits you.

kayak on Morro Bay

Staycation, the best of both worlds

Perhaps travel isn’t on your list, but you’re still looking for a new experience this 4th of July. The good ole’ staycation is an exciting way to save money while at the same time, offer you an entirely fresh look at your community. Hotel is optional!

Consider all the things you might do on a planned getaway out of town, then simply convert those plans to your own community. Explore local history, visit and picnic at new park, take in local recreation opportunities, dine at a new eatery and stroll your downtown area. Finish the day with a cold treat! Simply put, be a tourist in your own town.

Perfect when the budget is tight and loads of fun for a young family. Kids love it and so do we.

For those who aren’t strict traditionalists or adventure-seekers, staycations can provide the best of both worlds. The opportunity to enjoy favorite traditions while also exploring new experiences without venturing outside your comfort zone!

We โ™ฅ California!

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Happy Independence Day

Live light, travel light, be the light.

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