Grateful Thanksgiving

Gratitude restores the spirit and heals the soul

Roseville, Calif. – Life is a never-ending series of up and downs. Yet, the season of thanks is another reminder that opting for gratitude always helps restore the spirit and heal the soul.

Thanksgiving is another opportunity to acknowledge past and current struggles while giving thanks to lifeโ€™s endless blessings. Gratitude doesn’t erase or ignore struggles, it simply helps us keep optimism and hope at the forefront of life. Choose gratitude.

8 reasons for a grateful year

1: Family

Always at the top of our list, family is the place to celebrate the best of life and weather the worst together with an extra serving of kindness, compassion & empathy. As we remember the lives’ of those who have passed on, we welcome and celebrate the next generation to this grand adventure of life.

2: Friendships

Enduring friendships are simply the family you choose and those that choose you. A tribe of one or more friends that lift you up and also hold you accountable. Camaraderie and laughter remains one of life’s best medicines.

3: Community

Communities develop in a myriad of forms and much like friendships and traditions, they help connect and ground us to things bigger than ourselves. Ditching the negative ones and seeking out communities that bring out the best versions of ourselves can enrich our lives in powerful and positive ways.

4: Difficult Times

Nothing shapes us quite like difficult times, failures, or expectations that fall short. The ladders of success, the keys to learning and paths toward empathy and forgiveness are often borne of difficult times. Use difficult times to embrace the positive lessons they teach.

5: Alternative Views

What a bland, boring life it would be if we all conformed to the same ideas and world views. We’re grateful for the profound wisdom, knowledge and creativity from those whose world spins differently than our own.

6: Traditions

Traditions past on from previous generations remind us where we come from and bond us to part of our history, while adopting new traditions help us move in exciting directions as we extend new roots and branch out.

7: California Dreamin’

Despite its many challenges, California remains America’s Golden State on countless fronts. The country’s economic powerhouse and geographical wonders still evoke the dreams and wanderlust of more Americans than any other state. An amazing state to live, do business and explore!

8- We โค๏ธ Roseville!

Centrally located for travel, low crime, great neighborhoods, low unemployment, open spaces along with pragmatic governance and it’s easy to see why our region remains one of the most desirable in the nation. Welcome to the brighter side!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season of peace and gratitude.

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