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DUIs result in criminal charges, jail, license suspension, financial hardship and more..

Roseville, Calif. – Heading into the 4th of July holiday, the Placer County District Attorney’s Office is reminding residents to celebrate responsibly and not become another referral to their office’s DUI unit.

DUIs are considered when someone operates a motor vehicle when under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, opioids, controlled substances, prescription medications, or any combination of these substances. They are also considered when operating any motorized vehicle, including boats and jet skis.

“One selfish decision made in a moment can result in devastating lifelong consequences.”

Jeffery Moore

“Our office and county take DUI’s very seriously,” said Supervising Deputy District Attorney Jeffery Moore. “One selfish decision made in a moment can result in devastating lifelong consequences. First and foremost, it can result in a death. Even then, a defendant’s “best case scenario” will still result in jail time and tens of thousands of dollars in penalties and fees. Simply put, it is just not worth it.”

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Dedicate DUI Unit

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Placer County District Attorney’s Office has a dedicated DUI unit that is prepared to file criminal charges after a DUI arrest is made. Depending on the blood alcohol levels, the driver’s criminal history and the level of damage or injury, there are a wide range of penalties that can be requested from the DUI unit during sentencing.

The DUI unit works to hold drivers accountable and support victims of any DUI-related incidents. This includes support from the victim services unit to help victims and their loved ones understand the court process and to write their victim impact statements.

“The stories from these victim impact statements alone are devasting. From people losing their jobs as a result of their injuries, to losing a loved one – this crime is destructive to everyone involved. That is why our office seeks to educate our community, hold everyone accountable and pursue justice for every DUI referred to our office,” said Victim Witness Supervisor Tamara Musolino.

Steep Penalties

According to the DUI unit, penalties for first time DUIs are three years informal probation, up to six months in the county jail, up to nine months in DUI classes, mandatory attendance of a victim impact panel hosted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, among other penalties. The consequences and penalties become more severe if the person has prior DUI convictions.

Once the charges are filed, reports show the process can cost an individual up to $20,000 when calculating lawyer’s fees, fines from conviction, alcohol programs, SR22 proof of insurance, insurance surcharge and the ignition interlock device.

Smart & Inexpensive Alternative

Compare this to a $60 Uber or Lyft ride and this shows an over 30,000% increase in money spent.

The Placer County District Attorney’s Office also launched the Friends don’t let Friends DUI campaign in 2021. Partnering with MADD Sacramento, local CHP, Crime Victims United and the Placer Probation Department, the campaign works with local businesses to further educate the community on DUI consequences, while promoting local transportation options.

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