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Infusing Your Life with a Little More of the Good Stuff

Roseville, Calif.- The world is filled with endless distractions of every conceivable kind. Life is short and taking time out from the ceaseless demands on one’s time and attention can provide daily restoration and healing.

If the the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s the value of continuously making an effort to infuse life with the good things that boost the spirit and build upon relationships. Simple and often free acts to enhance your daily life. We’d love to hear what helps your unwind and relax from the daily grind. Let us know here!

  1. Start a new hobby
  2. Join a local service organization
  3. Hug those you love more frequently
  4. Encourage, compliment others
  5. Skip TV News
  6. Turn off your phone
  7. Go for a walk or hike
  8. Take the center path
  9. Unplug your TV for a day, week, month or more
  10. Play a board game
  11. Be polite
  12. Visit a local library, museum
  13. Create a family happy/healthy hour
  14. Exercise
  15. Sing a song
  16. Learn to play an instrument
  17. Read a book
  18. Learn about your community’s history
  19. Take an extended break from social media
  20. Draw, color, paint, write
  21. Learn about another culture
  22. Learn a magic trick
  23. Mentor someone
  24. Plan a simple stay-cation
  25. Take a spontaneous trip
  26. Avoid toxic relationships
  27. Practice empathy
  28. Forgive someone
  29. Smile, laugh, repeat

Share your best and most simply tips for enhancing your life with us here!

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