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Roseville residents will find their July utility bill will reflect a rate increase and some may also contain a reduction.

On May 6, Roseville’s City Council approved two consecutive annual rate increases for wastewater services:

  • 6 percent increase, effective July 1, 2015, raising the current rate from $30.75 to $32.60 a month per household
  • 6.5 percent increase, effective July 1,2016, raising the current rate from $32.60 to $34.70 a month per household

The City Council will consider proposed water service increases in approximately six months.

Changes were also approved for the Solid Waste utility. The cost for basic solid waste service, which includes one mixed-refuse can and one green- waste can, will remain at $23.40.
However, the City Council did approve a proposed rate reduction modification for households that use an additional green-waste or mixed-refuse can.

* The rate for an additional green waste can was reduced from $11.70 to $8.50 per month
* A new $16.00 rate was created for households who use an additional mixed-refuse can, replacing the current rate of $23.40


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